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Do you know what composite veneers are?

If you have a chipped, cracked, decayed or discolored tooth, there are several ways you can solve the problem you have. Composite or ceramic veneers can be one of the solutions to these problems.

Polomljen zub
Polomljen zub

What are composite veneers?

A composite veneer is the application of a composite material to the surface of your tooth to repair it. It is a simple, affordable aesthetic dental procedure that usually ends in one visit

What are composite veneers used for?

Composite veneers are most often used to correct decayed or altered teeth. It can also be used to close large gaps between teeth, change the shape of the teeth or lengthen the teeth. In some cases, it is used instead of amalgam, or to protect exposed tooth roots with retracted gums.

What to expect

First, your dentist will use a tinting guide to choose the composite shade that will best suit your natural tooth color. Before installing the veneer, the tooth surface is roughened and lightly coated with conditioning fluid to make the bonding material more easily adhere to the surface. When the tooth is prepared, your dentist will apply the composite to the tooth and shape it until it is in the correct shape. The material is then cured with ultraviolet light or laser. Once the resin has hardened, your dentist will complete all the finishing work, such as further shaping and polishing the joint to align with the rest of your teeth.

It usually takes between 30 minutes to an hour to complete the procedure. However, if you have multiple teeth, the process can take several visits. Since the placement of composite veneers does not require anesthesia, you can return to normal daily activities immediately after the intervention.

What are the most common problems of composite veneers

The disadvantage of composite veneers is that the composite resin is not nearly as strong as a natural tooth, so it is more likely to be completely chipped or broken off. If you are preparing to make composite veneers, it may be time to discard bad habits, such as biting your nails or chewing hard candy or pencil, because these things can tear off the veneer.

How long veneers last depends on how many composite veneers you have done and your oral habits, so it is important that you give your composite veneers the same amount of care and attention as natural teeth. The composite material is prone to stains, so be careful how often you consume substances that can contaminate it, such as tea, coffee, cigarette smoke and wine. It is especially important to avoid consuming food that is colored during the first 48 hours after the facet is placed.

In the days after veneering, call your dentist if you notice sharp edges on the joined teeth or your teeth feel strange when you bite. Always call your dentist if part or all of the veneer falls off.

What is the price of composite veneers?

The price of composite veneers is much lower than the price of Ceramic veneers. The price of one composite veneer is € 50 and can last from 5 to 10 years on average, depending on maintenance.

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