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Prostheses are mobile restorations that the patient can remove and make in cases when the patient does not have the conditions to make a bridge. Dentures are usually made of acrylics and are divided into total dentures and partial dentures

Total dentures

totalna proteza

Total dentures are made of acrylate and have artificial acrylic teeth. They can be made as ordinary, reinforced with titanium mesh or made to be worn on implants

Skeletal partial dentures

skeletirana proteza

Partial skeletal dentures are made when multiple teeth are missing in the mouth, and the arrangement of the remaining teeth does not allow for the construction of a dental bridge or there is not enough bone to install dental implants.


Skeletal partial dentures are mobile restorations that can be removed to maintain them. Skeletal dentures consist of a skeleton, which can be made of metal or biocompatible material in white color (BioDentaplast by Bredent), acrylic base and teeth.  

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