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Implantology is a branch of dentistry that deals with the installation of dental implants.

In our office we can offer you 4 different implant systems from renowned manufacturers in the world of dentistry.

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History of

The first dental implant was placed in 1965 by Swedish professor Per-Ingvar Brånemark.

Since then, tens of millions of implants have been produced and used in the world. The technology has been completely perfected, and what makes us especially happy, thanks to the appearance of a large number of manufacturers, especially in the last ten years - has become available to everyone.

The structure of the implant consists of the following components:

  • The body of the implant that is implanted in the bone

  • Superstructure parts (suprastructure, abutment) for fixing the tooth crown to the implant body

  • Crowns or structures for fixing dentures

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In dental practice, implants are increasingly used in patients after tooth loss. Implant placement treatment has proven to be a stable, functional good and long-term successful measure while providing high comfort for patients.


Therapy is based on an initial assessment that applies to each patient individually and that varies greatly. For this reason, detailed information regarding treatment methods, materials and implant systems can only be clarified through a personal interview with the implant physician (dentist, oral surgeon, maxillofacial surgeon).

In our office, you can get all the information about the implants that we install in a conversation with our oral surgeons.

Mihajlo Magazin

Oral surgery specialist


Tihomir Magazin

Oral surgery specialist

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Example of implant price

Primeri cena

(Examples of prices are informative and do not include additional interventions if they are needed before implant placement. For the tap price of a work, it is necessary to schedule an examination to get an estimate of the exact price for each individual case)

lack of one tooth

AstraTech implant + abutment + metal-ceramic crown

€ 870

Neodent implant + abutment + metal-ceramic crown

€ 670

IHDE implant + abutment + metal-ceramic crown

€ 570

lack of three teeth

AstraTech implants + abutments + three metal-ceramic crowns

1860 €

Neodent implants + abutments + three metal-ceramic crowns

1560 €

IHDE implants + abutments + three metal-ceramic crowns

1260 €

Total prosthesis on 2 implants

AstraTech implants + abutments + total prosthesis

1750 €

Neodent implants + abutments + total prosthesis

1550 €

IHDE implants + abutments + total prosthesis

1250 €

ALL on 4

AstraTech implants + abutments + ceramic bridge

Neodent implants + abutments + ceramic bridge

4500 €

3200 €

IHDE implants + abutments + ceramic bridge

3000 €

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