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Alignerss are the latest and most modern solution for straightening your teeth. They are completely unobtrusive while wearing them and the effect achieved with them is the same as with classic orthodontic prostheses.

What are aligners?

folija 2.jpg

Aligners are thin solid plastic foils that are made using the cad (computer aided design) technique.

What can you expect during therapy?

First you need to take impressions of your teeth. After that, the prints are scanned and digitized. Based on the obtained digital model of your teeth, the computer analyzes your irregularity and calculates how many aligners are needed to straighten your teeth. 

How much does it cost to correct teeth with aligners?

The exact price is obtained after the completed computer analysis and depends on the severity of the irregularity of the tooth position.

The price of computer analysis is 60 € and the price of one foil is 100 €

malokluzija folije 8.png

Tooth position before therapy

malokluzija folije 5.png

Predicted position after therapy

What are the benefits of aligners?

Their advantages are that they are almost completely invisible, they are comfortable to wear and the patient can remove them themself, so maintaining hygiene is much easier than with classic dentures for straightening teeth.

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