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orthodontic appliances

Orthodontic appliances  are devices that are placed on the teeth in order to change their position and form a regular dentition



Braces consist of brackets and an archwire that connects the brackets. Braces brackets can be made of metal or ceramic (white braces) and can be placed from the front or from the back towards the tongue. With its elastic properties, the archwire produces an orthodontic force that causes the teeth to move and correct their position.

What can you expect during therapy?

After the placement of a braces, transient pain in the jaw may occur due to the tightening forces that the archwire produces. The pain is transient and subsides to analgesics.  


The movement of the teeth happens gradually and it takes time for the teeth to line up.

Check-ups are done every month.

If during the therapy it happens that a bracket comes off, it is necessary to contact the dentist so that the bracket can be glued back and the therapy will continue.

At the end of the therapy, the brackets are removed and a retention foil is made in order to maintain the achieved results.

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